Remembering Our Vinho Verde Summer

Thank you, Brooklyn!

More than 600 guests attended Saturday’s (June 17) sold out Vinho Verde Wine Experience at the beautiful Weylin in Brooklyn, which was bathed in dramatic Vinho Verde green.

With 21 Vinho Verde wineries pouring more than 100 wines, guests learned about the wine region in northern Portugal from our winemakers as well as educators guiding tastings from fun, educational booths. A continuous mini masterclass showcased the variety of whites and roses. Another display tested for “super tasters,” and highlighted components that make wine crisp. The music and dramatic lighting added to the party atmosphere.

Special thanks to our cuisine partners: Mokbar, East Coast Poke, Poppy’s Catering, El Super, Big Mozz, and People’s Pops. From Korean soul food to tacos and poke, the fresh bites paired well with the refreshing Vinho Verde wines.

We were joined not only by winemakers, but also by local retail, restaurant and importer professionals. The president and marketing director of the commission of Vinho Verde producers (Manuel Pinheiro, Carla Cunha) made the trip, as did a national Portuguese TV crew and newspaper correspondent, who captured the event and rise of Vinho Verde imports for their home audience in Europe.

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Deliciously Delicious: A Recommendation from Reverse Wine Snob

Reverse Wine Snob says the 2015 Portal da Calcada Reserve Vinho Verde has gastronomic aptitude.

What does he mean exactly?

“‘Gastronomic aptitude’ — that may be one of my new favorite phrases, but with this wine, like many from Vinho Verde, it is absolutely true. This wine also typifies exactly what we talked about last week — a white blend made in a modern style from a region with a whole lot of history.”

Get the whole review here: