Modern Wines with A Whole Lot of History: A Look at Where Vinho Verde Started by Reverse Wine Snob

“As we’ve discussed many times before, we’re huge fans of Vinho Verde (pronounced veeng-yo vaird), the region in Portugal just to the west of Douro and to the south of Rías Baixas in Spain. Today we’re back with more on the long (and we mean long) history of the region in this special post sponsored by Vinho Verde Wines.

Last year we introduced this region in our Get to Know Vinho Verde post. We then highlighted a number of amazing selections well under $20 from a variety of different grapes. (You can check out all those here.)

And while these fresh, modern wines are extremely popular today their history goes way back. All the way to back to the Romans in the 1st Century AD, in fact. The oldest known historical references about the existence of wine in this area come from two Romans, Seneca the philosopher and Pliny the naturalist, as well as the legislation of the Roman Emperor Domitian (51-96 AD).”

Intrigued? Find the whole blog and a list of recommended wines:

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