Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Thinking Outside of the Food Pairing Box

We all know that seafood pairs really well with Vinho Verde wines, but they are very versatile with a wide range of food so we asked Sommelier Chris Horn to recommend a food and wine pairing that was a little out of the box.

Chris suggests this grilled shrimp & lemon skewer with green & fried chickpeas, corn and piri piri sauce paired with either a single varietal Loureiro or Avesso wine!

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Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Introducing Sommelier Chris Horn

The second Sommelier in our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series is Chris Horn, the Wine Director at Purple Café & Wine Bar in Seattle, Washington. Join the conversation using the hashtag #SommsSpeakVV!


Q: Why is Seattle a good market for Vinho Verde?

A: Because we like oysters and seafood. The cuisine of Vinho Verde and the Pacific Northwest share a lot of flavor profiles.

Q: When do you recommend Vinho Verde to your patrons? Any favorite pairings?
A: It’s a good aperitif wine to start the evening. I like it with ceviche.


Check out this easy ceviche recipe from Kitchy Kitchen and see for yourself why Chris Horn recommends this food and wine pairing: