Vinho Verde Young Projects

This is a brand new collaboration by four young Vinho Verde producers who share an important goal: getting back to their roots and creating their own wine, inspired by their ancestors. The soil, geography, and cultural practices is something they rely on and allows wines to have their own personality. The four brands felt they could benefit from the synergies generated by cooperation, and be in a stronger position to promote new wine projects in the Vinho Verde Region. The four brands are: “100 Igual” by João Camizão, “Cazas Novas” by Vasco Magalhaes, “Quinta de Santiago” by Joana Santiago and “Vale dos Ares” by Miguel Queimado. Their aim is to show to the consumer the other side of the Vinho Verde story and help them discover the boutique wineries of this region and its full diversity of wines.
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