Imbibe Picks 5 To Try

This month’s Imbibe magazine includes a special selection of 5 Vinho Verde wines to try, picked by Eric Larkee director of licensing operations for Michael Schwartz’s collection of Miami restaurants. Find your new favorite today!

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Adega de Monção

This historic cooperative was founded in 1958 by 25 local vintners, and has continued to be a staple of its community and of quality wine for the past 57 years. Today it boasts over 1,600 members. Located in the sub-region of Monçāo and Melgaço, Adega de Monção’s portfolio is composed of a wide array of Alvarinho, Alvarinho blends, traditional Vinho Verde red and rosé wines. Specifically, it’s Escolha and Alvarinho Deu la Deu are critically acclaimed worldwide.

Aidil Wines & Liquors, Newark, NJ
Tri-Vin Imports Inc, Mount Vernon, NY