Enoport United Wines

Enoport United Wines is known for the exceptional quality of its wines. It has won several medals in national and international competitions, including “European Producer of the Year” in 2012 at the German wine competition Mundusvini, and “Best Portuguese Producer of Still Wines” at the international Berliner Wine Trophy competition in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Low in alcohol and calories, Enoport’s Vinho Verde Lagosta is a fresh, fruity and slightly spritzy wine, perfect to indulge in at any moment, all year around.

Adega de Monção

This historic cooperative was founded in 1958 by 25 local vintners, and has continued to be a staple of its community and of quality wine for the past 57 years. Today it boasts over 1,600 members. Located in the sub-region of Monçāo and Melgaço, Adega de Monção’s portfolio is composed of a wide array of Alvarinho, Alvarinho blends, traditional Vinho Verde red and rosé wines. Specifically, it’s Escolha and Alvarinho Deu la Deu are critically acclaimed worldwide.

Aidil Wines & Liquors, Newark, NJ
Tri-Vin Imports Inc, Mount Vernon, NY


Website: http://www.adegademoncao.pt/

Adega de Guimarães

Located near the historic town of Guimarães – considered to be the birthplace of the Portuguese nation and a UNESCO World Heritage site – Adega de Guimarães was originally founded as a cooperative winery in 1962 by a group of 82 wine growers. In 1999, it underwent a complete overhaul to modernize its winemaking and cellar facilities and in September 2001 received the first 400,000 kg (440 tons) of grapes. As part of the modernization, the cooperative also launched a support service for local growers to help them maximize yields and quality, and expand vineyards using agronomic best practices. The goal is always to process the grapes produced on the estates of these farmers and sell high quality wines at competitive prices.

Located in the Ave sub-region of Vinho Verde, plantings here are concentrated in the Ave river basin close to the sea. The marine influence makes for lower average temperatures, windy conditions and higher than average rainfall. The vineyards are planted in granite soils on the slopes of the river Ave, and produce mainly white grapes, particularly Loureiro, Arinto, Alvarinho and Trajadura, varieties that are adapted to the terroir of the region and express in full the freshness and typical aromas of Vinho Verde. The care they have with their grapes, leads to the recognition of the wines, year after year, with several national and international awards.

Website: http://www.adegaguimaraes.pt/pt

Quinta de Aveleda

Aveleda is one of the largest wine producers in Portugal and exports its wine to more than 70 countries around the world, while maintaining a focus on quality, tradition and innovation. The winery has been owned by the Guedes family since 1870, with the fourth generation currently managing the estate and the fifth generation in the wings. The company maintains a tradition of quality balanced with exploring modern innovation, while retaining a sense of responsibility for its surrounding community and environment.

Quinta da Aveleda was #3 on Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Best Buys in 2015.

Website: http://www.aveledaportugal.pt/

Casa de Vila Verde

The Pinto de Mesquita family has owned Casa de Vila Verde since the 12th century, and has been making Vinho Verde since the 17th century. The estate is located in the Sousa Valley, with 70 acres of vineyards planted today. A new generation of the family recently took over the winery operations and is combining centuries of experience with today’s most up-to-date technology to produce wines of grace and character.

Quinta da Lixa 

The Meireles family founded Quinta da Lixa Sociedade Agrícola, Lda in 1986 to produce bulk wine from their family-owned vineyards around the small town of Vila da Lixa, near Porto. It wasn’t long before the family realized that the quality of the wines deserved estate bottling, and that this necessitated a new winery facility, so in 1994 a new state-of-the-art winery was built. In the late 1990s, the family expanded their vineyard holdings and founded several more wineries, and today the company comprises Quinta da Lixa, Quinta de Sanguinhedo, Quinta dos Lagareiros, Quinta da Corredoura, Quinta de Souto and Quinta Nova. They recently opened Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel in Quinta de Sanguinhedo, surrounded by 22ha of vineyards, a charming hotel perfectly integrated in the surrounding vines.

Many of their bright, refreshing wines are available for sale in the U.S. through their importer Wine-in-Motion.

Website: http://www.quintadalixa.pt/

Casa da Tojeira

Located in the Vinho Verde sub-region of Basto, the House of Tojeira has unique soil and climatic conditions that are evident in the personality of the wines they produce. A true love for this land I manifested in the great care taken in the vineyard and in the techniques used to produce the wines, while maintaining time honored ancestral traditions.

Azal and Arinto are the predominant varieties found in the white wines, while Vinhão, Azal Tinto, Baker Basto and Borraçal are found in the red wines. Sparkling wines are produced as well. Casa da Tojeira produces a range that satisfies the most refined palates.

Visit us today at Casa da Tojeira and enjoy our hospitality and activities in the Vinho Verde region!

Website: http://www.casadatojeira.pt/

Quinta de Curvos

The 400 year-old Quinta de Curvos estate is hidden in a lush valley within Vinho Verde, and its wines are as enchanting as its magical property. The rain and cool breezes that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean are countered by the bright sunshine and gravelly soils in the valley. These factors combine to produce fresh, complex wines. Brothers Jamie and José Fonseca purchased the estate in 1976 and founded Quinta de Curvos – Sociedade Agrícola, S.A., which today makes wines known for their fruity and floral aromatics.

Website: http://www.quintadecurvos.pt/

Quinta das Arcas

The Monteiro family spent over ten years replanting vineyards and updating their winery before releasing the first Quinta das Arcas wine in 1985. The winery has now grown to three estates and 300 acres of vineyards throughout the Vinho Verde region. They focus on classic Vinho Verde varieties—Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura, Alvarinho, Espadeiro and Vinhão—and on organic farming. The winery’s first certified organic wines were produced in 2012. Many of their excellent wines are available in the U.S., including their flagship Arca Nova Branco and the fresh and elegant Conde Villar Rosé (gold medal Vinho Verde Competition).
Quinta das Arcas exports to the US for over 20 years through its New Jersey based importer, Frontier Wine Imports, which distributes the Arca Nova wines in over 40 states. In the beginning of the new millennium, other wines under the brand Conde Villar started to be distributed in the US by The Country Vintner, today, part of the Winebow group.

Website: http://www.quintadasarcas.com/

Adega de Vale de Cambra

The Vale de Cambra Cooperative is the result of much dynamic work of the local farming community to execute a clear vision of an ideal agricultural structure to produce excellent wines. Its activity effectively started in 1964 with 54 associates and a production of 570 barrels wine. They grew quickly and by 1979 they were completing the a third phase of expansion, increasing the capacity to 8,000 barrels, supporting the total storage of the county’s production.

The portfolio of Cambra includes white, rosé, red and recently sparkling wines of excellent quality. They are considered to produce some of the best wines of the Vinho Verde Region.

Website: Adega de Vale de Cambra