Quinta de Linhares

Created to fulfill an old dream of its founder, the Agri – Roncão company was born to produce extremely high quality wines. Today the produce wines fromQuinta de Linhares (located in the Sub -region Sousa ) and Quinta da Levandeira the Roncão in the heart of the Douro wine region. The Agri – Roncão can be a difficult name to pronounce but for those who test your wine , will certainly be a hard name to forget. Quinta de Linhares is located in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, sub -region Sousa, in Penafiel. These Vinho Verde wines are produced exclusively with grapes from the 12 hectare farm. The dominant grape varieties are Loureiro, Averse, Azal and Arinto.

Learn more here: http://agri-roncao.pt/vinhos/

Casal de Ventozela

Casal de Ventozela is a family business created in 1983 and dedicated to producing Vinho Verde wine. The vineyards are situated in the sub-region Vale do Ave, in the heart of the Portuguese Vinho Verde region. Characterized by strong traditions, the culture of the winery takes unique contours; the wines are vegan and no animal derivatives are ever used.
The region, drawn by hills and valleys, abounding fields flanked by fences that stretch along the paths, produces wines pleasantly light and fresh.
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Website: http://www.casaldeventozela.com/

Quinta de Covela

Quinta de Covela straddles the rugged terrain where two of Portugal’s best-known wine-producing regions now meet. Downstream, rugged granite marks the landscape of the Vinho Verde region. Upriver, the hot, slate-layered earth is what gives Port wine its heart and soul.
The estate dates to the 1500s, but has undergone several re-births – the most recent of which was in 2011 when the current owners rebuilt the estate’s old team, including long time winemaker Rui Cunha. The estate has a unique micro climate almost Mediterranean in its feel. This is ideal terrain for the local Avesso and Touriga Nacional grapes which are the cornerstone of production at Covela.
Since the 1980s Covela wines, all assemblages of Portuguese and international grape varieties, have been synonymous with innovation, quality and individuality.

Website: http://www.covela.pt/

Solar de Serrade

Solar de Serrade was built in the seventeenth century and owes its wine tradition to its terroir; the quality of the land and its fine sun exposure. It is well known that before the Solar was built, an English trading post had already been established to sell the light-red wines from Monção – wines that the Duke of Chapelet as well as the Baron of Forrester considered easily capable of competing with the most famous French harvest. Today the Solar de Serrade is one of the largest private estates for the production of Alvarinho variety. This wine is produced with this single grape varietal, one of the most prestigious Portuguese white varietals for the production of wine. It is an elegant and exuberant wine. Respect is given to the uniqueness of this variety, a gift of nature, produced from old vines dating back from the 80’s.

Website: http://www.solardeserrade.pt/en/

Quinta do Barco

Quinta do Barco has been dedicated to the wine business since 1994, all wines are produced exclusively on the property of 64 acres of vineyard. The winery – located in its own farm – is equipped with advanced technology that allows all wines to be vinified using a strict and modern protocol of winemaking. The grapes are hand harvested in bunches and each variety is separated manually. After fermentation, several lots are drawn with the purpose of obtaining the desired characteristics for each variety. Their rosé wine is 100% Vinhão and its short fermentation time frame is the key to achieving its exuberant aromatics.
Website: http://www.quintadobarco.pt/

Anselmo Mendes

Anselmo Mendes began making Vinho Verde wines using Alvarinho grapes in 1998, and he now produces wine from three grape varieties in three Vinho Verde regions: Alvarinho in the Minho Valley, Loureiro in the Lima Valley, and Avesso in the Douro Valley. His favorite variety is still Alvarinho though, which he makes in a beautifully rich, layered style. The winery is in the Minho Valley, a hub of experimentation and research, where Mendes works to make each wine a faithful expression of the land. The wines were brought to the U.S. a few years ago, and are now widely available in major markets.

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Casa de Sezim

Casa de Sezim became the ancestral home of the current owners in 1376. By 1390, their wines were already much appreciated for their quality. To maintain this excellence today, Casa de Sezim uses only the best grapes in limited production. Sitting in the heart of the Minho, Casa de Sezim’s vineyard holdings total 25 hectares. There are four grape varieties planted: Loureiro (40%), Arinto (40%), Trajadura (10%) and Sauvignon Blanc (10%). The soils are generally granitic, like much of the Vinho Verde region. Open all year round to tourists, the estate offers elegant accommodations for business or pleasure. Visitors can make use of the swimming pool and tennis court, as well as enjoying walks through the surrounding hills in the summer, or simply relax and enjoy a glass of our noted estate bottled wine.

Website: www.sezim.pt/en

Caves Campelo

Caves Campelo has been well-known as a producer of high quality wine and spirits since the winery was founded in 1951. Although the name has changed over the years, the winery has always focused on using the best technology while not forgetting the close relationship between earth, vine and man. Today, Caves Campelo produces wines from a range of regions, including Vinho Verde, as well as fortified wine and spirits. Many of their Vinho Verdes are available in the U.S., where they bring the history and delicious taste of Vinho Verde state-side.

Website: http://campelo.pt/

Quinta da Calçada

Quinta da Calçada is a winery owned by the Mota family in Vinho Verde, dedicated to producing the finest Vinho Verde wines. One of their wine brands, Portal da Calçada, has experienced much success in the U.S. with the wines’ fresh, floral profiles. The vineyards are located in the Amarante region of Vinho Verde, and some […]

Casa de Vila Nova

Casa de Vila Nova combines the tradition and experience of its founders with the vibrancy and innovation of a new generation to create wines that are fresh and complex. The winery is located in the region of Entre-Douro-e-Minho, in the sub-region of Sousa. Here, the vineyards are influenced by winds from the Atlantic Ocean, creating a climate unique in the world and perfect for ripening native varieties such as Fernão Pires, Avesso and Trajadura. These grapes are used in blends and single-varietal wines that are phenomenal examples of what Vinho Verde has to offer.