Vinho Verde Young Projects

This is a brand new collaboration by four young Vinho Verde producers who share an important goal: getting back to their roots and creating their own wine, inspired by their ancestors. The soil, geography, and cultural practices is something they rely on and allows wines to have their own personality. The four brands felt they could benefit from the synergies generated by cooperation, and be in a stronger position to promote new wine projects in the Vinho Verde Region. The four brands are: “100 Igual” by João Camizão, “Cazas Novas” by Vasco Magalhaes, “Quinta de Santiago” by Joana Santiago and “Vale dos Ares” by Miguel Queimado. Their aim is to show to the consumer the other side of the Vinho Verde story and help them discover the boutique wineries of this region and its full diversity of wines.
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Casa Senhorial do Reguengo

Casa Senhorial do Reguengo is a family estate winery in the Vinho Verde region exclusively dedicated to premium sparkling wine. casa-senhorial_brut-old-reserve-2011This project was born from the will and dream of the Oliveira family to create a premium sparkling wine elaborated from Vinho Verde grapes, something that until 1994 had not been done in the region. Their sparklings have unique characteristics, namely freshness and lightness; a legacy of the fresh and fragrant wines from Vinho Verde. These are grower sparkling wines as all are made out of their own estate vineyards.

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Adega Ponte da Barca

In the heart of Alto Minho, in the beautiful and typical region of Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez, since 1963, Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca has been producing wine with uniqueness of aromas and flavors, moderate alcohol content, fresh, low calories, fruity, well balanced and easy to drink. They pride themselves on maintaining tradition while also modernizing the winemaking process. They also strive to be respectful of the environment at all points along the way. Currently, Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca have approximately 1,000 associates, with around 900 hectares of vineyards producing grapes, mainly located in the Lima and Vez river valleys, with a medium producing of 2.5 million liters and a capacity of around 4.5 million liters.. The cooperative has received national and international praise for their wide range of wines which encompass both blends and single varietal wines, all of which showcase the unique aromas and flavors of the Vinho Verde region. In 2008 Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca joined with other cooperatives to create Viniverde SA to help ensure their position as a leading producer of Vinho Verde wines.
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Quinta d’Amares

Quinta d’Amares’ 120+ acres is located in the municipality of Amares, the heart of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region. Neighboring the Rendufe Monastery, the estate is south facing, sunny and enjoys a unique climate. Soil, climate and grape varieties combine to produce a wine of exceptional quality. Our wines are created and produced on our estate according to the highest standards of excellence and modernity, steeped in the history of the Monastery of Rendufe (eleventh century) and the Aqueduct (seventeenth century), the special heritage of Quinta d’Amares is tied to the image of the wines. Many times award winners, these white wines are produced exclusively from grapes selected from Alvarinho, Loureiro, Arinto and Trajadura.

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Manuel Costa & Filhos Ltd

Manuel Costa & Filhos Ltd began in 1989 as a consequence of Manuel Costa’s wine experience and deep interest in participating in the creation and production of new Vinho Verde wines. In 1995, he launched the first company brand in the Portuguese market: Minhadega. In 2001, Manuel Costa & Filhos decided to increase their capacity and today the annual wine production is over 200,000 cases, with vineyards stretching over 490 acres. In 2010, a new phase began with the company exporting their own wines in Europe. Today, part of their goal is to reach a young adult consumer willing to drink a fresh, fruity and tasty wine, a real Vinho Verde wine.


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Encosta do Xisto

Founded by the Honorable Vasco Faria, the company is a family-run business with a strong connection to the winemaking sector since 1975. Currently run by the founder’s grandson, it has 4 properties: 2 in Guimarães (Quinta de Freixieiro and Quinta de Cutiães) and 2 in Famalicão (Quinta de Pereira and Quinta do Xisto) where the “Encosta do Xisto” vinho verde is produced, using solely and exclusively the finest grapes from our very own vineyards. In the properties located in the Minho region, where there are around 24 hectares of vineyards, you can find the best wine grape varieties around this area. They are used to produce the white wines (Loureiro, Alvarinho, Trajadura and Arinto), the rosés (Espadeiro) and the reds (Vinhão), all highly regarded in this region. The grapes are harvested by hand and keeping the wine grape varieties apart allows the wine to be made separately, and later divided into lots according to the resulting wine characteristics. In our property, Quinta do Xisto, in Requião, Vila Nova de Famalicão, there is a wine cellar where all the sparkling and still winemaking takes place, using the latest traditional winemaking methods.

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Quinta de Lourosa

Quinta de Lourosa is situated in the vast farmland bowl of the River Sousa valley, right in the heart of the Vinho Verde Route. The estate has been renewed in the last decades thanks to the efforts of Viticulture Professor Rogério de Castro. Assisted by his daughter, the oenologist Joana de Castro, Rogério de Castro made Quinta de Lourosa a place where the regard for nature and for tradition goes along with technical innovation and bold experimentation in wine making. A most appreciated destination for wine lovers, Quinta de Lourosa is also the ideal place for anyone looking for a couple of days of rest and discovery.

Now covering about thirty hectares, Quinta de Lourosa is well known for its innovative Lys conduction method, which enables a better sun exposure and the growing of sound, ripe grapes, producing a balanced fresh fragrant wine, in the best tradition of Vinho Verde making. Ancient watering methods have been recovered and more rational and ecological techniques have been developed in the use of pesticides. Indeed, the cultivation of vine is also a matter of principles at Quinta de Lourosa.



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Provam is a company formed by 10 winegrowers from Monção and Melgaço Sub-Region in the northwest of Portugal. In 1992 these winegrowers, driven by their passion for wine, decided to build a modern and functional winery to produce Alvarinho based wines. Today the winery has a capacity of 510,000 liters to vinify its own grapes as well as the grapes they purchase to a selected group of small winegrowers. All factors are taken into careful consideration when making the wines; such as vineyard site, age of vines, grape varieties and others. Provam’s competent team and up-to-date technologies allows them to get maximum potential from all of their grapes, utilizing strategies from scheduling individual harvest times to hand harvesting.


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Quintas de Melgaço

Quintas De Melgaço, owned by multiple winegrowers, is one of the largest producers in the Monção and Melgaço subregions, where some of the best Alvarinho is grown and produced. The collective knowledge, passed down through generations, of these wine growers shapes the style and quality of the wines. The winery produces around a dozen brands, ranging from sparkling to red wine, with Alvarinho as the shining star. The wines are fresh, light and elegant: Terra Antiga is a soft, light and refreshing ideal for every day drinking. QM Vinhas Velhas is a white wine exclusively made with Alvarinho grapes from old vines. QM Alvarinho radiates freshness and lightness with aromas of tropical fruits. Torre de Menagem is fruity, delicate and irresistible to the taste.

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Casa do Valle

Casa do Valle is located right next to the famous Cavez Bridge and spreads out along the hillsides of the Tâmega river. While the estate and property has been producing wine since the 18th century, Casa do Valle, Sociedade Agrícola was founded in 1987 to maintain and care for the Sousa Botelho estate. Casa do Valle continues to uphold the importance of tradition and modernity while making a “continuous investment in two key areas: viticulture – increase in area under vines, plantation of new grape varieties, improvement of the care of each vine; and Oenology – the introduction of new oenological practices in winemaking and improved techniques in the cellar.” Casa do Valle strives for excellence and innovation in their wines, which is evident in each bottle.


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