Quinta de Gomariz

This Portuguese family owned, wine producing estate is located in the heart of the Vinho Verde region. Since 2005, they have been focused on the elevation of the indigenous varietals, with the goal of making them known to consumers around the globe. From the best environmental practices in the vineyard, through the conservation of the knowledge acquired during many decades of work, and with the support of a high tech warehouse, they have finally reach a pinnacle of production; the best this region can produce.


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Adega Ponte de Lima

The Adega Ponte Lima was founded in 1959. Representing around 2,000 growers, it is undoubtedly one of the largest and most important companies in the area of Lima. It was also the first cooperative winery to obtain special quality certification from APCER, in 1998. All the wines of Adega Ponte Lima are produced exclusively with ripe grapes from associated members of the company, ensuring the authenticity and character of genuine Vinho Verde. Among white wines, the Loureiro variety has particular importance due to its magnificent adaptation to the “terroir” of the Lima Valley – its birth place – making wines highly appreciated for their aroma and for their organoleptic qualities. Adega Ponte Lima produces 1/3 of red wine and 2/3 of white wine. Over the years, the wines have been awarded with several medals and distinctions nationally and internationally.
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Quinta de Soalheiro is a four-generation family business. It was created by João António Cerdeira who, with his father António Esteves Ferreira, planted the first Alvarinho vine in 1974. The rest of his family was later involved in the project and his children Maria João and António Luís, together with their mother Maria Palmira, carry on his dream that will surely be followed by the grandchildren. António Luís has loved wine production since childhood. He studied oenology and has a profound knowledge of Alvarinho grapes that makes him the main creator and inspiration for new Soalheiro wines. The taste for the earth made Maria João to want to follow the family’s tradition. She defends a sustainable vine plantation based on the respect for the soil, plants and man, giving significance to the original terroir. She has been certifying their vineyards as biological agriculture. This is the family’s history, one of tradition and modernity, where passionate and dedicated people turn winemaking into art.

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It’s All About the People

Who else makes up this vibrant region of Portugal? Virginia Miller tells us her perspective on the people of Vinho Verde. Heads-up, if it wasn’t already on your wine destination list, it will be now.


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Vercoope is a Union of Wine Cooperatives in the Vinho Verde Region. Born in 1964, today it is comprised of the cooperatives of Amarante, Adega de Famalicão, Braga, Guimarães, Paredes, Terras de Felgueiras, and Vale de Cambra. Together, their mission is to strengthen quality and introduce the wines of Vinho Verde to new markets. More than 4,000 wine producers and combine for a production of 7 million bottles/year. USA is an important market to Vercoope, where they are represented by several importing and distributing partners.


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Quinta do Outeiro – Bairros

Quinta do Outeiro in Bairros, a property of more than 60 hectares, has been in the same family since the 18th century. The property has always been known for its quality wine production. The producer’s Bairros de Paiva label presents a singular Red Vinho Verde Reserva 2013, a new concept of Red Vinho Verde from the Vinhão variety which has been aged in oak for two years. This wine is particularly suited for introduction to Red Vinho Verde and experts alike, providing an elegant taste of this unique wine.

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Quinta do Ferro

A family run business since 1999, Quinta do Ferro produces sparkling wines in the Vinho Verde region near the border with the Douro region. They use traditional method fermentation for their Espumante and utilize natural stabilization and battonage. Their microclimate favors the Avesso variety, which features prominently in their production. Other varieties such as Arinto and Vinhão are also used.

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Vinhos Norte

Vinhos Norte was born in 1971 and is a family company in the Vinho Verde Region. In spite of being a small team they are one of the leading companies in the region. In 2014 they produced around 5 million bottles and exported to 15 countries. The company pursues innovation and differentiation, blended with traditional values of winemaking to provide consumers with young and extremely aromatic wines. The company’s portfolio presents a range of entry level and top quality wines. Today, with the third generation involved, the goal of Vinhos Norte is to provide consumers with exciting wines which explore the potential of the local grape varieties and elevate these unique wines beyond national borders.

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Quinta de Azevedo

Quinta da Azevedo was acquired by Sogrape Vinhos in 1980, and it was soon restored and renovated to be one of the most magnificent Portuguese manors with a high quality winemaking facility. The first harvest was released in 1990, after the replanted vineyards had reached maturity. Today, Quinta da Azevedo Vinho Verde features a blend of Loureiro and Arinto and is a fine example of the region’s potential for quality wine.
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Quintas do Homem

This family-owned winery combines tradition and technology to produce a range of quality Vinho Verde wines. The winery, located near the town of Braga, was remodeled in 2011 with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The winery sources its grapes from two estate vineyards, Quinta da Veiga and Quinta do Paço, both located in the heart of the Minho. At the core of Quintas do Homem’s mission is sustainability, and to this purpose the winery has adopted a system of Integrated Production, defined by the International Organization for Biological Integration (IOBC) as an economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just system. Their Vale do Homem wines, clean and refreshing representations of Vinho Verde, are available in the U.S.

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