Reverse Wine Snob Brings You Vinho Verde


Are you up to date on everything you need to know about Vinho Verde? We partnered with Reverse Wine Snob to help you brush up on all things Vinho Verde so you are ready for the summer season!

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A Side of Sweet Pairs Vinho Verde With Summer Dishes

A Side of Sweet_green gazpacho

We partnered with A Side of Sweet to pair Vinho Verde wines with these great summer recipes. Vinho Verde’s great acidity and balance of fruit flavors with mineral notes make these great food wines, adaptable to pairing with all manner of dishes.

Try these recipes for your next outdoor, summer dinner party to give it a touch of class!

Vinho Verde  + Asian Cuisine = The Perfect Pair

It can be tough to pair Asian food with win, but Vinho Verde is up to the challenge. We partnered with Food Republic and New York Chef Esther Choi of hot-spot Mokbar to create three custom pairings of her spicy, flavor-packed South Korean dishes with Vinho Verde. The results are delicious. Check out the first of these three fun recipes and wine pairings:

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Tourism Booming in the Vinho Verde Region

Wine tourism is booming in Portugal, especially in the country’s most northern region: Vinho Verde. Many of Vinho Verde’s top producers have recently renovated their wineries and surrounding estates adding boutique luxury hotels, day spas and tasting rooms to accommodate wine tourists, honeymooners, and explorers alike. These wineries are located throughout Vinho Verde’s lush countryside, some as close as an hour or so from the city of Oporto.

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Punch: In Search of the True Vinho Verde

“Over recent years, a new wave of Vinho Verde producers…has begun carving out an alternative ethos for the region.” Zachary Sussman takes a look at this new style of winemaking and what it means for Vinho Verde as a serious wine contender. Portugal’s Vinho Verde region is proving that it’s capable of a whole lot more!

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7 Things You Need To Know About Vinho Verde

Rachel Signer recently traveled to the Vinho Verde region as a guest of the CVRVV. In this article she recounts many of the things she learned on the trip and like many before her came to realize that there is far more to this region and the wines than meets the eye. “In fact, there’s far more to Vinho Verde than a little spritz—and Portuguese wine culture in general is full of history and intrigue.”

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Wine Spectator Highlights Diverse Values From Portugal

Kim Marcus of Wine Spectator includes two Vinho Verde producers in his recent web feature article “14 Diverse Values From Portugal”. Kim says, ‘If you are looking for crisp whites, try the Vinho Verdes. The top-rated wine, from Soalheiro, is made from Alvarinho grapes (known as Albariño in Spain) grown in old-vine vineyards. The juice is mostly fermented in stainless-steel tanks, though a small percentage goes into neutral oak for added richness.’ Wines from Quinta da Lixa were also reviewed in this article.



Postcard From Portugal in D Magazine

Hayley Hamilton Cogill, wine writer for D Magazine, recently traveled in the Vinho Verde region as a guest of the CVRVV. In her latest article, she tells us about this trip and all of the properties visited and wines tasted. Read more to hear about some of the changes in the region and hear how Hayley discovered “that there is a lot more to this picturesque region than meets the eye (or the palate)”!

Portuguese 101: How to pronounce Vinho Verde Grape Names

Ordering wine can be hard enough without having to stumble over how to pronounce a certain grape name or region. Vinho Verde’s grape names may look intimidating, but they are actually easy to say. Here, locals break down some of the most common ones for you:

Alvarinho with Joana of Quinta de Santiago:

Espadeiro with Andre of Casal de Ventozela:

Loureiro with Pedro of Quinta da Aveleda:

Trajadura with Pedro of Quinta da Aveleda:

Vinhão with Andre of Casal de Ventozela:


Boston Globe Recommends Vinho Verde

Ellen Bhang recommends Vinho Verde including Muros Antigos Alvarinho 2013, which she describes as “A winner with shredded Brussels sprouts salad with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano.”

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