Lift the Veil!

Sure, you’ve heard of Vinho Verde. Your friend probably brought it with you to the beach or you enjoyed it on the porch on a blazing hot summer’s day. You probably know the Vinho Verde that is light, bright and effervescent.

Well, you’re not wrong, but there’s a other whole side to the region and the wine that you might not know about. We invite you to learn about Vinho Verde through different eyes. Get ready to lift the veil and #GoVerde.

Watch Virginia Miller discuss her enlightening trip to Vinho Verde and one of the key components in our white wines!

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Continue the Conversation!

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde!

Thank you for joining us as we’ve talked with Sommeliers around the country about what they love about Vinho Verde and of course their favorite foods to pair with the wines. To close out our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series we thought we’d leave you with a final thought from Sommelier Sean Kerby.

Q: What’s your ideal time/place/setting to enjoy Vinho Verde?

A: Vinho Verde Can be enjoyed anytime, but it’s really with food that it finds its ultimate place.

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Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Pairing Versatility

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde!

We were curious about what the Sommeliers in our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series liked to pair with Vinho Verde. Here’s what Sommelier Eugenio Jardim (@myprivatesomm) told us:

A: “Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Mexican, etc., the fresh and bright Vinho Verdes consistently bring out the best out of the dishes. Think of Ceviche, Sushi, Grilled Sardines, Fried or Grilled Calamari, Spring Rolls – they all taste much better with a chilled glass of Vinho Verde.”


Now you no longer have to wonder what wine to drink when you order takeout or order your favorite spicy dish! You really can’t go wrong with a glass of Vinho Verde.

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Modern Wines with A Whole Lot of History: A Look at Where Vinho Verde Started by Reverse Wine Snob

“As we’ve discussed many times before, we’re huge fans of Vinho Verde (pronounced veeng-yo vaird), the region in Portugal just to the west of Douro and to the south of Rías Baixas in Spain. Today we’re back with more on the long (and we mean long) history of the region in this special post sponsored by Vinho Verde Wines.

Last year we introduced this region in our Get to Know Vinho Verde post. We then highlighted a number of amazing selections well under $20 from a variety of different grapes. (You can check out all those here.)

And while these fresh, modern wines are extremely popular today their history goes way back. All the way to back to the Romans in the 1st Century AD, in fact. The oldest known historical references about the existence of wine in this area come from two Romans, Seneca the philosopher and Pliny the naturalist, as well as the legislation of the Roman Emperor Domitian (51-96 AD).”

Intrigued? Find the whole blog and a list of recommended wines:

An Ideal Retreat: The Monverde Hotel in Portugal

Experience the luxury of this new eco-friendly hotel that offers a fine-dining restaurant and its own winery!


Virginia Miller writes, “Eco-friendly vineyards with a state-of-the-art winery, a carbon-neutral hotel, expansive grounds, eco-lodging opening out onto the vineyards and a fine-dining restaurant? This isn’t Napa, it’s Portugal. Opened in August 2015, Monverde Hotel is the first hotel of its kind, not just in the idyllic Douro wine region (where Vinho Verde wines hail from), but in the whole country.

Home to Quinta da Lixa winery, which produces a range of Vinho Verde wines, Monverde is in the countryside near the village of Amarante, about 30 miles east of the city of Porto (where you’ll find Portugal’s famed port houses). It’s a 74-acre estate of gently rolling terrain and rows of grapevines leading to a stately main building designed by local architect Fernando Coelho. The property houses 15 guest rooms, a restaurant, a bar and a luxurious vinotherapy spa that utilizes restorative grape seeds, skin and stems in treatments. The expansive indoor/outdoor pool, which includes a Turkish bath and sauna, is divided by mirrored glass and lined with white chairs for lounging. You can choose from a range of massages including Ayurvedic and hot stone, with materials sourced from the nearby Tâmega River.”


We’re ready to take a trip! Get the full article with all the tips and highlight from Food Republic:

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Thinking Outside of the Food Pairing Box

We all know that seafood pairs really well with Vinho Verde wines, but they are very versatile with a wide range of food so we asked Sommelier Chris Horn to recommend a food and wine pairing that was a little out of the box.

Chris suggests this grilled shrimp & lemon skewer with green & fried chickpeas, corn and piri piri sauce paired with either a single varietal Loureiro or Avesso wine!

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Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: We’re Keeping it Light After the Holidays

We have some post-holiday food and wine pairing ideas for you in our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series. There’s no need to stop eating delicious food just because the holidays are over.

We asked Sommelier Erik Larkee what some of his favorite dishes were to pair with Vinho Verde. He recommends grilled swordfish with brussels sprouts, granny smith apples, and caviar beurre blanc with a glass of Vinho Verde.

This dish has fruits and veggies in it!

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Kitchen Serf: 4 Reasons to Buy a Vinho Verde

Though written with  Thanksgiving in mind, this post from Kitchen Serf includes some great advice about including Vinho Verde wines in your holidays celebrations:

4 Reasons to Buy a Vinho Verde

  1. Enjoy a delicious wine
  2. Impress your guests or hosts
  3. Save money, most Vinho Verdes cost under $12
  4. Vinho Verde has a low alcohol content so you can start drinking at breakfast without any repercussions, probably.

As always, enjoy responsibly!

Read more from Kitchen Serf here: 

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Wine Pairings for the Holidays

What should you make for your holiday apps? We sat down with Sean Kerby for our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde Series to get his favorite small bites to pair with Vinho Verde to start of our holiday meal. He seamlessly pairs Quinta da Raza Dom Diogo Arinto with these two distinct small bites: seafood fritters with smoked paprika aioli and oysters with citrus espuma. Join the conversation using the hashtag #SommsSpeakVV and tell us what you’ll be serving for your holiday apps!


Domesticate ME!’s Roasted Butternut Squash Tostadas

Drink pink (Vinho Verde) and celebrate the holidays with a scrumptious tostada recipe from Domesticate ME!


“Happy Christmas week, party people!

I’m pleased to report that I’ve really been crushing my holiday to-do list this year. The Christmas tree is lit and decorated (and it just happens to be the tallest/bushiest fir to have ever graced Chateau Logena’s living room), I’ve finished most of my shopping, and my lips have been a seasonally appropriate shade of red since Thanksgiving.

I’ve also managed my annual viewings of The Holiday, Elf and Love Actually ahead of schedule, which is quite a feat given my enthusiastic presence on the holiday party circuit of late. (In case you were wondering, the latter was my favorite this cycle. I watched it on my flight back from California on Sunday and shamelessly snotted all over Logan’s shoulder for two straight hours. If you don’t weep when Colin Firth proposes in shoddy Portuguese, you are a Grinch. No tostadas and wine for you!) My apartment smells like Pot of Christmas, and I even went to see the Rockettes high kick to my favorite holiday jamz this year!!

Long story short, I’m practically bursting at the seams with Christmas spirit. And I haven’t even opened any presents yet…

On top of the aforementioned Buddy the Elf activities, I’ve been busy busting out my favorite holiday foods and booze over the past few weeks. I obviously respect the classics—nothing says Christmas quite like foolproof crostini, triple crème brie, grapefruit-rosemary mules, and Ina’s beef tenderloin—but I’ve also been experimenting with a few slightly less traditional recipes, including these Roasted Butternut Squash Tostadas with Hummus, Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese.

These winter tostadas were born out of a craving for a nourishing, shareable meal that was light, yet still celebratory. I originally envisioned the vegetarian smorgasbord of hummus, caramelized onions, butternut squash, goat cheese, pomegranate and thyme as a tartine, but I decided to go the tostada route since I happened to have my favorite corn tortillas on hand. Not to toot my own holiday horn, but it was a truly excellent call. Thin, oven-crisped tostada shells let the toppings shine and add an addictive crunch to each sweet and savory bite.

I highly recommend serving these tostadas as a simple dinner or family lunch(??!), especially since they come together rather quickly, and you can use your favorite store-bought hummus if you’re feeling lazy and/or rushed. I went with a classic hummus, but if you’re feeling spicy, I urge you to consider a chipotle version. A little kick is never a bad thing, especially when you’ve got the caramelized sweetness of butternut squash and creamy goat cheese to balance the heat. Just don’t skimp on the thyme. It may seem frivolous, but it adds a certain game-changing je ne sais quoi in the flavor department. Trust me.

Given that it’s the holiday season and Vinho Verde month, I’ve got a fabulous wine pairing for this fine recipe, and it’s, wait for it…a rosé. I know some of you think that rosé is a summer sip, but I’m a strong proponent of drinking pink wine year-round, especially a slightly more full-bodied one. I’ve become a big fan of Vinho Verde rosés, which are lively, fresh, and so easy to pair with lighter meals, and I urge you to consider adopting my winter rosé habit. The Tojeira Rosé, which is well balanced with a bit of fizz, is the perfect complement to these tostadas, but the Gazela Rosé is an equally great choice if the Tojeira is not available in your area. Both are delightful and over deliver for their (very accessible) price point.

Cheers to you and yours, friends! May your week be filled with all manner of love and deliciousness.”- Domesticate ME!


We wish you a festive holiday season. To get the full recipe visit Domesticate ME’s blog: