Vinho Verde Educational Seminars

Throughout the year, Wines of Vinho Verde hosts educational seminars around the U.S. to expand knowledge of these great wines with the US trade and wine lovers. Through June of 2017 we’ll be hosting another 17 seminars in various markets including:

April 4 – The Stained Glass in Evanston, Illinois

April 18 – University of Houston in Houston, Texas

May 10 – Downtown Wine & Spirits in Seattle, WA

May 20 – World of Wine in Seattle, WA

May 24 – Blanc & Rouge in Seattle, WA

12 more will be scheduled through June in various locations. If you are interested in learning more about our seminars, please contact us at


Vinho Verde Wine Event in NYC

Wines of Vinho Verde are coming to New York City this June 2017 for a special consumer event!

Stay tuned to this space for more information as it is confirmed.

Nothing is more refreshing for warm weather than chilled Vinho Verde wine, great food and great company.
We hope you’ll be able to join us!


Reverse Wine Snob: “Afectus Loureiro – Sweet and Sassy”

Reverse Wine Snob brings us another great review of  something a little more unique and special. The Afectus Loureiro is a single varietal wine made exclusively from the Loureiro grape. This variety grows extremely well in the sub-region of Lima. You can read more about Lima in Reverse Wine Snob’s post from last week.


Get his full review of this “sweet and sassy” wine here:

Adventure Around Vinho Verde

It may not be #TravelTuesday, but that won’t stop us from traveling around two exciting sub-regions of Vinho Verde. Reverse Wine Snob brings us the scoop on what’s happening in Amarante and Lima. Find out what fun things you can do when you visit! Hint: There’s more than just wine tasting.

Reverse Wine Snob writes: “One of the most exciting aspects of being a winelover is not just drinking a wine from a faraway region, but actually visiting there and experiencing the wine in the context of its history, its people and its culture.” If you can’t travel there in reality, we’ll give you the virtual version!

Read the full article here:

Back to the Blends

While Reverse Wine Snob has been focusing on some of the less traditional single varietal wines in his recent posts, today he brings us back to the blends.

“The Campelo Vinho Verde Branco begins with a pleasant aroma of apple, pear and some floral notes. The wine tastes fresh, fruity, slightly fizzy, fun and very refreshing. With 5 g/L of residual sugar and good acidity the tart apple, pear, citrus and grapefruit notes have just a touch of sweetness. This one is honestly just a pleasure to drink with great, full fruit flavors that aren’t always easy to find at this low price. It even has a bit of stony/flinty minerality that leads into the fresh finish full of tart citrus notes that last and last.” – Reverse Wine Snob

To get the full review, check out his blog post:

From Reverse Wine Snob: “Portal do Fidalgo Alvarinho – Delicate and Delightful”

Reverse Wine Snob is back with another review! This time he’s focusing on a single varietal Alvarinho. Find a sneak peak below, as well as a link to the full review!

“Today we’re back with another delightful Vinho Verde pick! Unlike the last wine we featured, which was a blend of several different varieties, today’s wine is a single varietal Alvarinho. You can find out lots more about this variety in our Grapes of Vinho Verde article.

The 2013 Portal do Fidalgo Alvarinho begins with a pleasing aroma of apple, pear and citrus. It’s a bit shy when first opened but don’t let that stop you (…) Better and better with every sip, this is a wine that’s hard to put down once you discover its delights!”


Get the full review:

Lift the Veil!

Sure, you’ve heard of Vinho Verde. Your friend probably brought it with you to the beach or you enjoyed it on the porch on a blazing hot summer’s day. You probably know the Vinho Verde that is light, bright and effervescent.

Well, you’re not wrong, but there’s a other whole side to the region and the wine that you might not know about. We invite you to learn about Vinho Verde through different eyes. Get ready to lift the veil and #GoVerde.

Watch Virginia Miller discuss her enlightening trip to Vinho Verde and one of the key components in our white wines!

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Continue the Conversation!

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde!

Thank you for joining us as we’ve talked with Sommeliers around the country about what they love about Vinho Verde and of course their favorite foods to pair with the wines. To close out our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series we thought we’d leave you with a final thought from Sommelier Sean Kerby.

Q: What’s your ideal time/place/setting to enjoy Vinho Verde?

A: Vinho Verde Can be enjoyed anytime, but it’s really with food that it finds its ultimate place.

Continue the conversation using the hashtag #SommsSpeakVV and share with us your ideal time/place/setting to enjoy Vinho Verde!


Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Pairing Versatility

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde!

We were curious about what the Sommeliers in our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series liked to pair with Vinho Verde. Here’s what Sommelier Eugenio Jardim (@myprivatesomm) told us:

A: “Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Mexican, etc., the fresh and bright Vinho Verdes consistently bring out the best out of the dishes. Think of Ceviche, Sushi, Grilled Sardines, Fried or Grilled Calamari, Spring Rolls – they all taste much better with a chilled glass of Vinho Verde.”


Now you no longer have to wonder what wine to drink when you order takeout or order your favorite spicy dish! You really can’t go wrong with a glass of Vinho Verde.

Join the conversation using the hashtag #SommsSpeakVV.

Modern Wines with A Whole Lot of History: A Look at Where Vinho Verde Started by Reverse Wine Snob

“As we’ve discussed many times before, we’re huge fans of Vinho Verde (pronounced veeng-yo vaird), the region in Portugal just to the west of Douro and to the south of Rías Baixas in Spain. Today we’re back with more on the long (and we mean long) history of the region in this special post sponsored by Vinho Verde Wines.

Last year we introduced this region in our Get to Know Vinho Verde post. We then highlighted a number of amazing selections well under $20 from a variety of different grapes. (You can check out all those here.)

And while these fresh, modern wines are extremely popular today their history goes way back. All the way to back to the Romans in the 1st Century AD, in fact. The oldest known historical references about the existence of wine in this area come from two Romans, Seneca the philosopher and Pliny the naturalist, as well as the legislation of the Roman Emperor Domitian (51-96 AD).”

Intrigued? Find the whole blog and a list of recommended wines: