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Vinho Verde + Asian Cuisine = The Perfect Pair #2

Asian cuisine can be hard to pair with wine. Luckily Vinho Verde offers the perfect mix of fruit flavors, low alcohol and slight sweetness to be the perfect foil, even for spicy dishes. We partnered with Food Republic and New York Chef Esther Choi of hot-spot Mokbar to create three custom pairings of her spicy, flavor-packed South […]

A Side of Sweet Pairs Vinho Verde With Entertaining Dishes

We partnered with A Side of Sweet to pair Vinho Verde wines with  great recipes for entertaining. Vinho Verde’s light body and approachable flavor profile make these wines very adaptable and great for a crowd. Try these recipes and wine pairings for your next gathering, they are sure to please! http://asideofsweet.com/make-cheese-and-charcuterie-platter/ http://asideofsweet.com/spicy-potato-skins-greek-yogurt-dip/