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The Monteiro family spent over ten years replanting vineyards and updating their winery before releasing the first Quinta das Arcas wine in 1985. The winery has now grown to three estates and 300 acres of vineyards throughout the Vinho Verde region. They focus on classic Vinho Verde varieties—Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura, Alvarinho, Espadeiro and Vinhão—and on […]

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The Vale de Cambra Cooperative is the result of much dynamic work of the local farming community to execute a clear vision of an ideal agricultural structure to produce excellent wines. Its activity effectively started in 1964 with 54 associates and a production of 570 barrels wine. They grew quickly and by 1979 they were […]

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Located in Alpendurada and overlooking the Douro River, Casa de Vilacetinho is an ancient estate dating back to its beginning as a medieval monastery. The grape varieties Arinto, Avesso, Azal and Loureiro are grown on the property’s 75 acres of vineyards, and the latest technology is used in harmony with traditional techniques to produce Casa […]

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A family-run winery in Celorico de Basto in Vinho Verde, Quinta da Raza has been owned and operated by the Teixeira Coelho family since the seventeenth century. The vineyards benefit from unique soils—granitic with areas of schist and clay—and a sunny microclimate created by a north-south river valley that protects the vines from the cold, […]