Join the Vinho Verde Wine Experience!

We’re throwing a party in New York! Join us this June for a special wine and food experience! Join us at Weylin in Brooklyn on June 17 from 6:00-10:00pm. Learn more and get tickets through the link below!


Over 20 wine producers from the region are coming to Brooklyn for a one-of-a-kind, educational wine tasting event. Meet and taste with winemakers, munch on delicious food pairings, learn at our educational booths, check out our chef demos, and more!

Special event features:

  • Grape vine trellis installation complete with wine tasting
  • Educational booths hosted by local wine experts covering such topics as:
    • Geography
    • Indigenous grape varieties
    • Winemaking techniques
    • Weather & climate

Food and chef demos presented by:

  • El Super
  • Poppy’s Catering
  • East Coast Poke
  • Big Mozz
  • Mokbar
  • People’s Popsicles – featuring two custom Vinho Verde flavors!


Get ticket here:




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