Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde: Pairing Versatility

Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde!

We were curious about what the Sommeliers in our Sommeliers Speak Vinho Verde series liked to pair with Vinho Verde. Here’s what Sommelier Eugenio Jardim (@myprivatesomm) told us:

A: “Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Mexican, etc., the fresh and bright Vinho Verdes consistently bring out the best out of the dishes. Think of Ceviche, Sushi, Grilled Sardines, Fried or Grilled Calamari, Spring Rolls – they all taste much better with a chilled glass of Vinho Verde.”


Now you no longer have to wonder what wine to drink when you order takeout or order your favorite spicy dish! You really can’t go wrong with a glass of Vinho Verde.

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