Quinta de Lourosa

Quinta de Lourosa is situated in the vast farmland bowl of the River Sousa valley, right in the heart of the Vinho Verde Route. The estate has been renewed in the last decades thanks to the efforts of Viticulture Professor Rogério de Castro. Assisted by his daughter, the oenologist Joana de Castro, Rogério de Castro made Quinta de Lourosa a place where the regard for nature and for tradition goes along with technical innovation and bold experimentation in wine making. A most appreciated destination for wine lovers, Quinta de Lourosa is also the ideal place for anyone looking for a couple of days of rest and discovery.

Now covering about thirty hectares, Quinta de Lourosa is well known for its innovative Lys conduction method, which enables a better sun exposure and the growing of sound, ripe grapes, producing a balanced fresh fragrant wine, in the best tradition of Vinho Verde making. Ancient watering methods have been recovered and more rational and ecological techniques have been developed in the use of pesticides. Indeed, the cultivation of vine is also a matter of principles at Quinta de Lourosa.



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