Tablehopper Dinner Series Pairs Vinho Verde With Southeast Asian Cuisines

Vinho Verde Wines partnered with Tablehopper to put on a series of exclusive chef dinners for food and wine loving consumers in both San Francisco and New York City. The events took place in San Francisco on April 15 and June 11, and in New York City on June 7. Vinho Verde Wines gave away a pair of tickets to each event, which proved key to gaining entry as each sold out within a matter of hours!


In San Francisco, Vinho Verde wines were paired with the Vietnamese cuisine of Chef Rob Lam of Butterfly. Sommelier Eugenio Jardim presented the wines and pairings and educated guests on varietals and wine profiles from Vinho Verde. A full menu can be viewed here. Guests were really floored with how well the wines paired with the complex flavors throughout the menu. Fan favorites included the Cha Ca Thang Long: Turmeric Grilled Catfish with Rice Noodles and Herbs Salad paired with Avesso and Alvarinho wines.

Similarly in New York, Vinho Verde wines were paired with the Malaysian cuisine of Chef Mei Chau of Aux Epices. Sommelier Betsy Ross presented the wines and discussed the different grape varieties and styles present in the Vinho Verde region. Full menu can be viewed here. Again, the versatility of Vinho Verde was on display as each dish proved to pair well with more than one of the wines poured.  Fan favorites included the Sotong Sumbat – stuffed squid with spiced potatoes and spicy sambal sauce paired with two traditional style Vinho Verde blends from different producers.


These dinners proved that Vinho Verde is up to the task for pairing with any cuisine or dish. Whether a blend or single varietal, Vinho Verde’s signature freshness and pleasing fruit flavors will bring your next dining experience to a new level!

For more images from each event, see our albums on our Facebook page.