Adega de Guimarães

Located near the historic town of Guimarães – considered to be the birthplace of the Portuguese nation and a UNESCO World Heritage site – Adega de Guimarães was originally founded as a cooperative winery in 1962 by a group of 82 wine growers. In 1999, it underwent a complete overhaul to modernize its winemaking and cellar facilities and in September 2001 received the first 400,000 kg (440 tons) of grapes. As part of the modernization, the cooperative also launched a support service for local growers to help them maximize yields and quality, and expand vineyards using agronomic best practices. The goal is always to process the grapes produced on the estates of these farmers and sell high quality wines at competitive prices.

Located in the Ave sub-region of Vinho Verde, plantings here are concentrated in the Ave river basin close to the sea. The marine influence makes for lower average temperatures, windy conditions and higher than average rainfall. The vineyards are planted in granite soils on the slopes of the river Ave, and produce mainly white grapes, particularly Loureiro, Arinto, Alvarinho and Trajadura, varieties that are adapted to the terroir of the region and express in full the freshness and typical aromas of Vinho Verde. The care they have with their grapes, leads to the recognition of the wines, year after year, with several national and international awards.